Mistershine percaya bahwa kualitas pekerjaan yang baik selain dipengaruhi oleh sumber daya manusia yang kompeten, juga sangat bergantung pada Detailing Supplies yang digunakannya. 


Sebagai Authorised Detailer dari Chemical Guys, kami menggunakan produk Chemical Guys secara ekstensif terutama produk-produk di bagian Polishing Compounds dan Wax.


Sebagai Authorised Detailer dari Gtechniq, kami menggunakan produk-produk Smart Surface Science Gtechniq pada Pekerjaan Paint Protection Ultima & Basic.


Berikut profil brand detailing supplies yang kami gunakan:

Quality Detailing Supplies

for Top-Notch Finish.


MisterShine Autospa & Detailing Centre is an Authorized Detailer of Chemical Guys as Authorised by Chemical Guys Indonesia. 

Chemical Guys Product & Logo are copyright of Chemical Guys Mfg. Co. (USA) 


MisterShine Autospa & Detailing Centre is an Authorised Detailer of Gtechniq as Authorised by Gtechniq Indonesia. 

Gtechniq Logo and Smart Surface Science are copyright of Gtechniq Limited (UK) 


Menzerna Logo and Products are copyright of Menzerna Polishing Compounds GmbH & Co. KG (Germany).

Chemical Guys is a worldwide provider of the highest quality car care chemicals, car wash accessories, buffing pads, machines and most importantly knowledge. Based in Los Angeles, California, USA, Chemical Guys has established a worldwide name in the car care, car wash, detailing, and car care industry. Our teams combined experience has gained us a better understanding of the industries desires and helped us tremendously in gaining a solid insight into our customers needs.


MisterShine Autospa & Detailing Centre is an Authorized Detailer of Chemical Guys.


Find out more at: www.chemicalguys.com

Chemical Guys

Gtechniq. Smart Surface Science

GTECHNIQ was born of pure science, the love of cars and the desire to create the best car care products with a focus on protective coatings, the cornerstone of our success.


Based in London, United Kingdom, GTECHNIQ scientists created a superior line of products aimed at perfecting all surfaces on a car. The result is a revolutionary detailing system for the car care professional community - a line of surface preparations and finishing seals designed to clean, polish, and protect the broadest range of automotive exteriors in a way no traditional wax application can match.

The engineers at GTECHNIQ tackled the toughest car care challenge and introduced into the market a line of products that outshine and outlast the competition.


MisterShine Autospa & Detailing Centre is an Accredited Detailer of Gtechniq.


Find out More at: www.gtechniq.com


Menzerna Polishing Compounds

With more than 125 years of experience, the company "Menzerna Polishing Compounds” is a leading specialists in the development and production of polishing products for industry and trades. The company utilizes Ultra-modern methods and technologies result in high-end, innovative products “Made in Germany” for a wide variety of polishing applications.


Menzerna is based in Ötigheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany has more than 50 employees around the world. Menzerna provides training in all the company’s fields of activity, thereby ensuring a supply of qualified, skilled workers for the future.


Find out more at www.menzerna.com

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