Paint Protection Optima

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Paint Protection Optima is designed to provide optimum protection against everyday driving contaminants given by Beeds HD Ceramic Treatment made from Singapore. Whilst it also delivers a good hydrophobic features. 



Package Inclusions


  1. ​Washing and General Cleaning of all Exterior areas from asphalt and other contaminants.

  2. Waterspots removals on body and glass surfaces.

  3. 4-Steps Paint Correction to rejuvenate paint surface's shine and clarity using detailing supplies and compound from Chemical Guys.

  4. Full Interior Detailing, including removing car seats and detailed until the most difficult areas of the interior.

  5. Interior base carpet cleaning using carpet extractor machine.

  6. Application of Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner & Leather Conditioner to restore leather seats and upholstery's smells and shines.

  7. Full Engine Bay Detailing to restore engine bay's natural shines.

  8. Undercarriage areas thoroughly cleaned and detailed.

  9. Tyres & Wheels Cleaning and Dressing.

  10. Application of Chemical Guys G6 Hypercoat Extreme Tyre Dressing onto Tyres.

  11. Application of two layer BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment onto car's painted surface to deliver optimum protection and gloss whilist delivering a good hydrophobic feature.

Service Pricing

Special Brand New Car Rate Only Valid for:

Vehicles Not Older than three (3) months after purchased, and or with milleage driven less than 5000 km. 

Additional 5% Discount Terms:

Minimum two (2) vehicles are combined into one single payment (Invoice). the 5% discount is applied after the grand total of the two (or more) combined bill of each vehicle. 

Standard Pricelist




Full Size


Rp.   5,100,000 

Rp.   5,700,000

Rp.   6,300,000

Rp.   7,400,000 

Rp. 10,000,000 

Special Rate for Brand New Cars (Not Older than 3 Months after Purchased)*




Full Size


Rp.   4,350,000 

Rp.   4,850,000

Rp.   5,450,000

Rp.   6,300,000 

Rp.   8,500,000 


5% Disc. with minimum 2 vehicles combined into one single payment altogether*

Book or Reserve your slot early, and get 10% off* the published rate!

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